Prepare For Marriage

If you are already part of the Good Shepherd worshiping community, you probably already know that Good Shepherd is the place where you want to continue to nurture your faith life as individuals and now as a couple. Please fill out our online form (coming soon) or contact the church office to begin making plans for your wedding service.

If you have been away for many years or are new to Good Shepherd, we ask that you come to worship and get to know this particular community of Lutheran Christians who are part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  After worship, introduce yourself to one of our staff.  Then you can make an appointment to meet with our pastor to talk about how you see your Christian faith as part of the life you share with each other in your marriage and how Good Shepherd might become the place where you continue to nurture your faith life as individuals and as a couple.

Premarriage Preparation

Here is how Premarriage preparation at Good Shepherd works. We will meet with you on at least four occasions for about one and a half hours to explore a range of issues connected with marriage and family relationships. These premarital counseling sessions are informal, but crucial for laying the foundation of your life together.

A Spiritual Home

Good Shepherd is willing to work with couples as they prepare to be united in marriage.  Good Shepherd would be delighted to be your spiritual home, where you can grow your faith alongside other people of faith, as you begin your life together in marriage.

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