Inside The Doors

Growing place. Growing people.

Welcome to a growing place for growing people. Located in a south-La Crosse neighborhood, Good Shepherd is a metropolitan congregation. Our greatest strength is our people. But the church’s open architecture says a lot about Good Shepherd’s identity too.

The Sanctuary

Good Shepherd’s sanctuary opened for the first time in September 1982.   Making sure that everyone feels welcome is a high priority in this place.  The worship space seats 350 and was designed to inspire all of God’s grace, love, expansive welcome and to inspire us to praise God.

The eternal light’s presence in the Sanctuary reminds us that this is a place where God eternally dwells.  The flames presence reminds us that Christ is with us always. The rustic brick and the beautiful stained-glass windows highlight the crosses predominant presence in the sanctuary and in our lives. The Sanctuary aisles and seating are oriented to the cross again signifying its centrality for our lives.

The communion presence is a sign that all people are invited into God’s goodness through the Lord’s Supper.

An assortment of stained glass windows illuminates the worship space with a dazzling array of colors at different times of the year.   The images they portray reflect the Biblical stories of God working through human history with grace and mercy. The Gospel-narrative windows were originally commissioned for the 1952 Sanctuary.



Good Shepherd’s organ is a two-octave instrument. It has been crafted to lead magnificent worship to the glory of God. More »

Gathering Area

The Gathering Area, just inside the south entrance is much like the open area commonly found in the heart of a small Wisconsin town. Served up on Sundays: Fresh coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Mattes Center

This space, which originated as the initial sanctuary, has been fashioned into the Sunday School and Youth Center. It’s an ideal location for adult learning, receptions, youth gatherings, and other large-group events.