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All are welcome.

Everyone is welcome to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. We strive to model Jesus Christ. We welcome all people in this place. The Biblical understanding of the church as the Body of Christ is taken seriously here.  We who are willing to be interdependent on one another through Christ gathered as individuals, with our unique gifts and struggles, supporting and encouraging one another.

We strive to welcome all without exception holding as a core value “Radical Hospitality.” We are at our healthiest when together we mirror God’s love and grace to all people.  Many of our activities show a deep concern for the community in which we live. Pastor Shelhart, the first pastor of Good Shepherd, once wrote: “This church will not strive to have the community support it, but to have the church support the community.”

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Unity In Diversity

God’s grace is for all. God’s grace has no room for racial, ethnic, sexual or any kind of discrimination.

We celebrate the uniqueness of every person, and understand that diversity is a gift of God. We do not expect that everyone will hold the same viewpoints. In our similarities as well as our differences we work and worship together, and we enjoy one another’s friendship because we know we are united in Christ.

At Good Shepherd, we think that living in a community that respects each others differences is God’s will for our lives as the Church, and are grateful when we see it modeled in the church and around the world.

Together with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Good Shepherd Lutheran Church strives to share God’s love in many ways including working for peace and justice.

The staff at Good Shepherd are a wonderful group of people who are very approachable and would welcome questions you may have about Good Shepherd or about faith and life.

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