The Confirmation Program

The Confirmation program at Good Shepherd is geared to faith formation, giving youth experiences,  vocabulary, and the conviction to live out the promises of God with boldness, and to see how God’s Spirit is at work in them.  The Confirmation Ministry at Good Shepherd is during 6th, 7th, and 8th grade with both large classroom style learning and small group discussion style learning.  We have an amazing group of adult leaders participating as small group guides.  Mission trips for learning and service are also a integral part of the confirmation program.

Confirmation Goals

Confirmation’s purpose at Good Shepherd is to nurture a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, and the church (the people of God). In Sunday School we learn the Biblical stories. In confirmation we learn in a deeper way how those stories intersect with our story, and what are some of the unique ways that we as Lutheran Christians understand the Biblical story.


Wednesday Evenings

Youth gather for confirmation on Wednesday evenings September through February. Each Wednesday combines large and small group discussion, videos, bible readings and interactive activities to dig deeper into that weeks lesson. The Confirmation program follows a three year rotating curriculum using materials from Here We Stand, re:Form and Echo the Story.

Worship and Ushering

Regular worship is the key to lifelong habits of faithfulness. Youth are heartily encouraged to participate in worship. In order for youth to be more engaged in the service and to share what they have learned through the sermon as well as the service as a whole eight worship notes are required each year.  In order to guide students, we have a form with a few questions on them.

Students are also required to participate in worship through ushering and reading. A schedule for this was developed based on individuals requests on the registration forms.

Community Service

Jesus calls us to love and serve as He did. To help instill this value into our youth, they are required to complete eight hours of community service each year. These hours can be completed at church, through school or on your own. Many youth choose to do much more than the minimum.

Small Groups and Fellowship Nights

One session each month is reserved for small groups to determine with their guide where they will meet for fellowship or community service. These nights are focused on our students getting to know each other better so they can create bonds that continue beyond Confirmation. These nights are typically the first Wednesday of the month, Each group will help with BINGO at Bethany Riverside Care Center one time during the year. Each group will decide individually how to spend the remainder of these evenings.